Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy
Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy

School programs : Shaolin Sanda/Sanshou

Notice · Sanshou discontinued as separate programs. Now integrated with Shaolin class.

Our school's program emphasizes on safety while learning how to fight in a controlled environment. This is why there is a list of equipment recommended by the teacher.

The program includes
  • Isolated punching and kicking techniques
  • Learning combinations
  • Circling and platform awareness
  • Target hitting
  • Working with the heavy bag
  • Chinese wrestling skills
  • Takedowns and takedown defence
  • Incorporating Shaolin Kung Fu skills
  • Core training & conditioning
  • Cardiovascular
  • Light and Full contact sparring
  • Hitting and being hit back!!!

The coaching team is composed of experienced champions at all levels be it provincial, national, or even international.

Private training for competitive and professional fighters available.