KrossFight - 1 FREE WEEK TRIAL

May 10-June 10 PROMO

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At Titanium Gym
3565 Jarry est
For all levels from recreational-competitive. Great shape workout!
KrossFight combines KungFu(Sanda) Karate(Kumite) and Kickboxing (Muay Thai) into one training program to develop elite strikers for combat sports as well as self protection!
Available for privates classes 8a.m.-12p.m.

KrossFight Schedule

Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Kid, teenage & adult
18h - 19h Kid (6+)
19h - 20h30 Teenage (13-17) & Adult (18+)
Kid, teenage & adult
18h - 19h Kid (6+)
19h - 20h30 Teenage (13-17) & Adult (18+)
Kid, teenage & adult
9h30 - 10h30 All ages mixed
10h30 - Sparring & athlete preparation

SCWCA relocating within Montreal

Classes are suspended effective immediately (April 24th, 2016) until new location is ready and all current memberships will be honoured once classes resume there. We will leave the place we called home for the last 7 years, we will cherish all the memories and accomplishments there and we will carry them forward from our new home. What was considered by Grandmaster Shi De Yang as an extension of The Shaolin Temple will move with us...for it is our spirits that radiate that energy he felt there with us.


Chan Wu Canada will Continue to be represented in the meantime at it's affiliate school in Laval as well as through the different instructor's groups individually throughout Montreal.

New location will be anounced here in the near future.

Private training with Shifu Max R. is always available for Shaolin or KrossFight.
Contact for booking inquires.


Complete Shaolin
Temple Culture
Learning Experience

Chan Wu


Kung Fu

Specialized Stand Up/Striking program
Optimal for Sanshou & MMA competitors of all levels.




Registration is now open · uniform separate

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Welcome To Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy

Chan refers to the cultivation of the mind and wisdom of life. Wu refers to the Chinese traditional martial arts or Gong Fu, which trains the ability and skills of the body. Gong Fu practice...

  • enhances the faculties of the body
  • improves the coordination of nerves with muscles and joints
  • increases the ability to defend oneself
  • trains one's character
  • tempers his willpower

Every martial artist no matter how skilled should keep a beginner mind. This way self improvement never ceases.

LEADER OF CHAN WU CANADA, Max Rendinella (Shifu)

Latest Shots

Shibo's early years

Inside Kung-Fu Magazine, April 2002

Shi Xing Hong before his creation of Chan Wu Federation And becoming Shibo!

Budo Magazine


This issue and the upcoming french version as well includes an INTERVIEW with Max Rendinella about SHAOLIN, CHAN WU & KROSSFIGHT. Please have a look and share.

Thanks to

  • Nicolas Guibbaud
  • Simon D. Ducharme
  • Hussein Diab
  • Marc-André Ménard
  • Martin Leblanc

Recent Events

Shi De Yang Shaolin Seminar Canada

In May 2014, Grandmaster Shi De Yang returned to visit Quebec for his 2nd Chan Wu Seminar. Here are the trainee groups. Congratulations to all! Amituofo!

Max Rendinella


Martial Arts Performance Show

Jimmy Chan has produced a show to promote local martial arts schools and martial artists in Montreal. Highlights - December 14, 2013.

Max Rendinella Performance Show

25+ years of Martial arts experience. He has competed against Shaolin disciples and also performed with Shaolin monks both locally and abroad.